Enhancing Student Engagement in Quality Enhancement

TU Dublin is committed to enhancing Our Student Voice in Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement Activities.

The TU Dublin Quality Framework is founded on a Student-Centred Approach that is purposely designed to assure the quality of the total student experience. This vision requires implementation of good practice in all aspects of student learning and fostering and supporting a student-centred learning environment. Therefore, obtaining and responding regularly to feedback from students is a core requirement of the Quality Framework. This includes utilising both a University's own Student Feedback System and the National Survey on Student Engagement. 

The Framework also requires that a partnership is built between staff and students to further enhance the understanding of this feedback and to work together to improve the Student Experience.  For this reason, Our Student Voice provides training and guidance for students to enable their effective engagement in this partnership.

Student Partners in Quality Enhancement

In the Academic year 2023/24, 9 TU Dublin Students funded under the NTUTTOR programme worked in partnership with TU Dublin Assistant Head of Academic Affairs - Dr Jen Harvey to produce a compendium of assessment methods to inform academic practice.  

TU Dublin Compendium of Assessment Methods: from Students' Perspective