Digital Education

What is Digital Education?

Digital Education is the innovative use of digital tools and technologies during the teaching, learning, assessment and feedback process, in any modality, to enhance and transform the student experience. Implicit in this is the need to increase organisational digital capability and equip those who teach, and those who learn, with the digital competencies required to use digital tools and technologies effectively in their practice.

Why is it important that Digital Education at TU Dublin is developed further?

Recent global events, namely the Covid-19 pandemic and the pivot to online education, accelerated digital transformation in all sectors and triggered large-scale change in the field of digital education, world-wide. According to the European Commission in their Digital Education Action Plan (DEAP) 2021-27: Resetting education and training for the digital age (2020), these events have shown that “digital education is not a marginal issue but a central component of learning, teaching and assessment in the 21st century” (p.8).  For TU Dublin, Digital Education is a key strategic focus that runs across all three pillars of our Strategic Intent 2030. Focusing on developing digital education at our university will help us realise our strategic commitments around providing the kinds of flexible, high-quality digitally-enhanced and inclusive educational opportunities that our students require to reach their full potential in our changing world. Click below for updates on current projects and initiatives. 

To learn more about Digital Education at TU Dublin, to make suggestions regarding related projects, and to hear about how you can get involved in current and planned projects and initiatives, please contact the Digital Education Manager, Dr Frances Boylan.