TU832 Admissions

Published: 15 Mar, 2024

9 May 2024

Remote Suitability Test results have been e-mailed to applicants along with invitation to Interview with Portfolio (13-20 May 2024).

Applicants applying via the Change of Mind facility will be invited to undertake the Online Suitability Test and Online Interview with Portfolio in early July.


As part of the application process for TU832 Bachelor of Architecture, all applicants are required to take a mandatory online Suitability Test.

Applicants may choose their own set time period (between 9am on Wednesday 3rd April to 5pm on Friday 5th April 2024) within which to take your 3 hours Remote Suitability Test process. The overall process includes set up, download, print, taking the test (2 hours), scanning, and uploading the test and Declaration form. 

The Remote Suitability Test requires applicants to use a temporary TU Dublin email identity in order to complete the Test.   Guidance on how to do this can be accessed at these links: 

TU832 How to set-up your TU Dublin Outlook Account
TU832 Remote Suitability Test Rules and Instructions
TU832 Remote Interview with Portfolio Rules & Instructions

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