students talking in canteen with animated background illustrations

Student Health Centres

The TU Dublin Student Health Service provides on-campus Health Care to our students.

This student service provides an holistic approach to health and incorporates general medical, sexual, psychological and social aspects of student health.

We understand that student health is inextricably linked to student success and as such are aware of all aspects of student life that contribute to this :

  • being well educated (Academic Achievement);
  • being physically active (Physical Fitness);
  • promoting a healthy mind (Psychological Wellbeing);
  • having a good social network (Social Engagement);
  • having a strong sense of self-worth, positive values and resilience (Meaning & Purpose).

It is important that we empower students to become active partners in their own health now and into the future.

Absolute confidentiality is maintained. All records are maintained in the Health Centre and do not form part of student's college records.

The Student Health Centre is an acute care/advisory service. The service is envisaged as an addition to the student family doctor or specialist medical service. It operates within resource constraints so certain service limitations apply.