Publishing Papers Online

Arrow is the institutional repository of TU Dublin and for the purposes of submission it is divided into Research Groups and Faculties. Before you can submit to Arrow you must first have an account.

To create an Account

1. Go to the Arrow home page
At the top right, click on My Account.

my account screenshot

2. Click on Menu and Sign Up to register.

login screenshot

Please ensure your affiliation is Technological University Dublin, enter your email, create a password, and submit. You will receive an email with an activation link. Click on that to activate your account and you are ready to submit to Arrow.

To Upload to Arrow

upload to arrow screenshot

There are 3 categories you can submit material to: Faculties, Research Institutes/Centres/Groups or Data. The method of submission is the same in each case.

For this example, I want to submit an article to the School of Food Science and Environment Health:

It is important that you select the right item type (Article, Book Chapter, Conference Paper etc.) because, while material can be moved after it has been saved to the system, it leaves behind a message saying the item has been moved.

3. You will see the list of published submissions for that category. On the left side, under Author Corner, you will see Submit Research.

4. Click on Submit Research, which brings up the metadata form. The system will autofill you in as the first author, but you can change the order of the authors by changing the number beside your name. Please include the names and affiliations of ALL co-authors (plus email addresses if you have them).

authors screenshot

You can add authors by clicking on the green plus button and you can delete authors by clicking on the person icon with the X on the left. You can edit an author by clicking on the person icon on the right.

5. Please enter the email address of the corresponding author.

If adding an ORCID id, please enter the full URL.

author contact screenshot

6. Fill in as much detail as you can. If you wish the article to appear in another place on Arrow such as a research centre, put that information here in this field.

alternate location screenshot

7. Choose the Document Type from the drop-down menu…

document type screenshot

… and enter the publication year:

publication date screenshot

8. Please enter at least three keywords, e.g.:

keywords screenshot

And select Discipline categories as appropriate:

disciplines screenshot

9. DOI (Digital Object Identifier): If the paper in question has already been assigned a DOI, please enter the full URL (e.g. in the field provided.

Library staff will create a DOI for articles, book chapters and conference papers where needed.

10. You must attach a file to your submission (Arrow is a full text repository which is why our download figures are so high). You do have the option to link to another site. We advise against that as links frequently break.

upload file screenshot

Clicking on Choose File from your computer will bring up your own desktop. Find the file and click on it.

Continue to fill in as much detail as you can. Library staff will check the record as well as the publisher’s policy for that particular journal. You will be contacted if a different version of your article is required.

11. At the bottom of the form, click on the Submit button

submit screenshot

You will see the button change to Processing, and then Completed.

At that stage, the system sends an email to library staff who check the submission for compliance with publishers’ policies and then save the item to the system. You will be notified by email when that has happened.

You can make changes to your submission up to the time it is saved to the system by library staff, after which only they can make any changes.

After 2/3 days you should receive an email saying you have been published on Arrow. If you do not, contact library staff as sometimes the email alerts do not work.

Please note most journal publishers will only allow you to upload your author’s final version and not the published version. You can check most publishers’ policies on this website:

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Arrow is a database of publications and research outputs by staff and students of TU Dublin. This material is organised and made available in full-text format on the World Wide Web. All material is free to download provided it is attributed to the author and is for non-commercial use.

Arrow is an institutional archive or repository as well as a method of dissemination. Our objective is to preserve a permanent record of the research activity of the Institution.

TU Dublin has an official policy supporting Open Access Research. It can be accessed here. In having such a policy, we contribute to the fast and efficient dissemination of research by making its results freely available.

You can find a short article on the Open Access philosophy at this link.

Participation in Arrow

Participation in Arrow is open to all members of TU Dublin. Joining the fastest growing repository in the country is just a matter of registering.

Arrow submission

Material can be submitted to Arrow in a number of formats, some of which the system may convert to PDF. The submission process is very straightforward.


Arrow@TUDublin is acting as a publisher for the University and therefore must be aware of copyright and compliance issues. A Copyright is available. For all submissions, the Arrow administrator will check to ensure compliance with publishers' policies on open access.

Authors are reminded that copyright of their material is a valuable property right that they should be reluctant to give away to publishers. At the very least, seek permission to lodge a copy of your material on Arrow.

Should you have any queries or concerns or require further demonstration of the system please feel free to contact us.

Aisling Coyne
Open Scholarship Librarian
Phone: 01 220 7065

Gerard Connolly
Senior Library Assistant
Phone: 01 220 7693