Exam Papers are located in the Library Catalogue

Visit the exam papers guide or follow the steps below:

  • Select the 'Exam Papers' search button in the Library Catalogue.
  • ‌Scroll down to select your College and Subject area
  • Choose an academic year
  • Pick the folder corresponding to the exams you wish to view: Summer, Winter or Repeat
  • Exam papers are organised by module code e.g. BIOL1801
  • Select the exam paper you need and download the PDF or view online with Adobe Reader.


  • Past exam papers are housed on TU Dublin SharePoint and require a your Microsoft 365 username and password. Access to past exam papers is restricted to current students and staff.

Please note:

  • If the exam paper you are looking for is not in the catalogue it is because it has not been received by Library Services. Past papers for exams held during Covid-19 restrictions are generally available on Brightspace. Please check with your module co-ordinator for access.
  • Versions of past examination papers in the library catalogue are provided for information purposes only. They have not been checked against the originals for accuracy or completeness. In light of this, TU Dublin does not warrant or represent the accuracy or completeness of these examination papers.