CSER Expertise

Criminal Justice

The CSER has a long history of involvement in original, dynamic and innovative research pertaining to young people at risk of and/or already involved in offending behaviour and the identification of appropriate strategies to reduce the risk of (re)offending behaviour and improving the life prospects and opportunities of such young people.

Digital Childhoods and Youth

This research theme studies the role of information and communication technologies in contemporary childhood, examining the diverse array of opportunities for new modes of learning and socialization as well as risks posed for children and young people in Ireland today.

Current research, supported by the Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences, is dedicated to improving understanding of ‘digital childhood’ through analysis of large datasets including EU Kids Online and Growing Up in Ireland. Research findings are intended to inform and guide policy action in education, awareness-raising, regulation and industry engagement.

Early Childhood Research

Internationally recognised for its contributions in the area of early childhood care and education, the centre grew out of research within the DIT - Department of Social Sciences particularly the IEA Preprimary Project. This international, longitudinal project into the impact of early educational experiences has given the DIT extensive capability in relation to research design, methods and analysis particularly in the field of early education.

Higher Education Policy Research Unit

The Higher Education Policy Research Unit is an interdisciplinary research unit located within the CSER. It focuses on questions of strategic and policy concern to the future of higher education in Ireland and internationally.

Social Care / Alternative Care

Mirroring the primary focus of the BA (Hons.) in Social Care offered by the Department of Social Sciences, a particular research focus is in the area of Social Care and Alternative Care.