The impact of Computer Science Inclusive

  • Teacher PD: This research is in the form of pedagogical development and surveys (pre-and-post-CPD) to evaluate the session design. To date, we have over 2100 teacher surveys.
  • General CS Outreach: When we deliver outreach camps, students are surveyed both before and after each session. This data is then analysed to unpack student perceptions, attitudes and confidence and to investigate if the outreach has changed these in anyway (positivly or negatively). To date we have over 3,000 student surveys.
  • Leaving Certificate CS Outreach: The research in this area focuses on the students self-efficacy in programming and the reasons why they chose the subject for the Leaving Certificate.
  • Data Analysis: CSINC have conducted data analysis for multiple projects. These are all in the space of Educational Data Minning (EDM).
    Machine Learning and AI: CSINC have developed specific EDM predictive models using Machine Learning or Deep Learning.
  • General Computer Science Outreach: CSINC has reached 11,000 students over three years from 2018 – 2021, across every county in Ireland.
  • CSLINC: An online inclusive learning environment
  • Leaving Certificate Computer Science Outreach: In 2021 we targeted the new Leaving Certificate Computer Science subject, to help struggling teachers with the more technical aspects of the course.
  • Teacher PD: Over the past three years 1500 teachers have received CPD

CSINC is leading an International Machine Learning model development project that has at least two institutions on each of the habitable continents. This involves leading over 20 academics and coordinating a large data collection process. This includes universities such as Princeton University and the University of Auckland.

 CSINC is also driving interventions at Third level including:

  • Yearly hackathons in conjunction with Tallaght University Hospital.
  • Student Drop-in support
  • Addressing anxiety in Computer Science
  • Building student self-efficacy
  • Shortlisted for Irish Education Awards - Best Outreach with CSinc 2020
  • Best Presentation: ACM, at the 18th Koli Calling International Conference on Computing Education Research (Koli Calling ’18) ACM, Koli, Finland, 2018
  • Developed CSinc National Research Programme
  • Chair and Vice-Chair - Irish ACM SIGCSE Chapter 2019-22
  • Associate Program Chairs: ITiCSE, ACM SIGCSE Conference 2019 and 2020
  • Keynote: Irish Python Conference, Dublin. PyConIE 2018
  • PI Commissioned for NCCA: Leaving Certificate Computer Science Python Video Tutorials
  • PI Commissioned for NCCA: Leaving Certificate Computer Science Micro:bit Video Tutorials
  • PI Commissioned for NCCA: Leaving Certificate Computer Science ALT1 Interactive Information Systems Video Tutorials (Available here)
  • Several PI members are editors and writers for Leaving Certificate Computer Science Book