There is currently growing interest in the application of materials chemistry to molecular recognition, biomimetic chemistry and supramolecular chemistry. There are many motivations behind such research, for example, the development of materials with novel magnetic, electronic and photophysical properties have potential application as sensors, molecular switches, in signal processing, light-energy conversion and DNA photocleavage.

The group is currently active in developing metallo-derivatives of cyclodextrins for the chiral resolution of enantiomeric drug formulations. Similar materials are also under construction which contain photoactive metal sites bridged to ground state redox active components. Such complexes are capable of light and electrochemical induced transfer processes, with potential application in energy and data storage.

Also in the area of biomimetic chemistry, the ability of metallo-complexes to mimic enzymes is being assessed and to date the group has been successful in the synthesis and characterisation of dicarboxylate complexes which have been shown to be particularly active catalysts. Similar materials have also been found to have very good anti-fungal activity.

Another aspect of the work of this group involves novel nanosized semiconductors as photovoltaics and thermistors.

The group has recently extended its work to include synthesis of materials for organometallic coordination of oxidative metabolites.

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