Nanomaterial Characterisation

With the combined equipment of the Nanolab research centre and the core instrumentation of the FOCAS Research Institute, Nanolab has access to impressive array of materials characterisation equipment. Particles size, zeta-potential, surface area, pore size analysis, electronic and atomic microscopies are routinely performed on materials in a variety of different environments.

Cell Culture

Nanolab housed within the FOCAS Research Institute has excellent in lab facilities for the culture of mammalian cell lines with an extensive mammalian cell line bank. Through collaborative projects with the RESC Nanolab also has the capabilities to culture and test a variety of aquatic cell lines and a multi-trophic battery of freshwater and marine test species, comprising of the Microtox® test system and several algal, copepod, and amphipod cultures for ecotoxicity tests.

Spectroscopic Analysis

Due to its location within the FOCAS Research Institute, Nanolab has access to an unparalleled range of spectroscopic equipment. View a full list of spectroscopic equipment.

Toxicity Screening

With an internal cell bank of 25 cell lines Nanolab routinely performs large scale in vitro cytotoxicity screening with a variety of biological endpoints of materials and chemicals for both internal and external research partners. Please contact us for further information.