MiCRA has access to fully equipped research laboratories facilitating wet chemistry, sample preparation and electrochemical and spectroscopic analysis. The centre has full access to wider laboratory and analytical facilities across TU Dublin including:Chromatographic analysis, surface science, spectroscopic, particle size analysis and elemental analysis.

Other facilities available at MiCRA include:


The Prototype and Fabrication Lab allows for the rapid design and testing of a wide variety of electrochemical and microfluidic systems. Laboratory equipment includes:

  • Potentiostat equipment and Multichannel Potentiostat suites with potentiostat/galvanostat/impedance capabilities to develop rapid sensors for various industry applications 
  • CAD software for chip and electrode design
  • DEK 248 Screen printer: allowing for the patterning of electrodes, conductive tracks, and insulators
  • Formulating facilities: preparation/modification of printing inks
  • Dispenser for electrode modification and coating
  • Electrodes and Microfluidics design and manufacturing
    • Laser-cutter: fabrication of microfluidic channels
    • Sonic bonder: assembling microfluidic chips
    • Vastex D1 Series (D-100) Infrared Dryer

fabrication lab facilities

The Electrochemistry Innovation Lab is equipped with electrochemical workstations for electroanalytical investigations and testing the prototypes to develop sensors for various industry applications (advancement/validation of chemical & biosensor technologies).

electrochemistry lab

The microbiology laboratory at MiCRA Biodiagnostics is well equipped with facilities to handle Class I & II micro-organisms. Our laboratory equipment includes:

  • Biological Safety Cabinet (Class II)
  • Support Equipment (for the growth and preservation of micro-organisms in aerobic/anaerobic conditions)
  • CO2 Incubator, Anaerobic jars, Incubator shakers, –20°C and –80°C Freezers, Refrigerator
  • Electrochemical Workstations
    • Potentiostats (CHI 660C and 1200B)
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
  • Optical Microscope
  • Support Instrumentation
    • Water Bath, Thermo-mixer, Balance, etc.
    • Autoclaves for Sterilization and Waste Disposal

class II biosafety lab facilities