BioScan is a “new pre-event” technology being developed by the team at MiCRA Biodiagnostics. The core objective of BioScan is to commercialise, rapid, bulk tank milk screening technology for identification of heat-resistant thermoduric bacteria.

Quality control of raw milk is of extreme importance in the dairy industry as a variety of microbial organisms are responsible for food borne illnesses, food poisoning, product spoilage and reduced shelf life. Thermoduric bacteria are particularly harmful to the general population, but especially to infants, the immunocompromised and the elderly. Bacterial testing currently focuses largely on culture plating techniques that require up to three days to process.

BioScan System

The bulk tank instrument consists of a cartridge (BIOCARD) which enables pasteurisation, culture and cell detection and a SCANNER unit which has mechanical and electronic processing functionality. Data is transmitted wirelessly to the dairy company, ultimately influencing decisions surrounding milk value and product usage.

On-farm Technology

The project team recognise the wider applications of BioScan in milk quality assurance, herd management and disease control. MiCRA’s agri-technology review has identified wider commercial possibilities for the bulk tank monitoring technology:

The BioScan concept for detection of thermoduric bacteria in bulk tank milk storage. The illustration shows BioScan integrated to existing bulk tank equipment.