Diane Hurley

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New Frontiers Programme Manager

Email: diane.hurley@tudublin.ie

Tel: +3531 2208165


Diane Hurley is the New Frontiers Manager at TU Dublin Innovation with over twenty years of experience working across programme and project management in Europe, the Middle East and the States.  Diane has worked in enterprise, as Founder and Co Founder to two businesses and in working directly with start-ups and SMEs since 2007. Diane launched a translation company in Dublin, a start-up marketplace for parking in the Netherlands and Germany and was Manager to Europe across 15 cities in a global SME Founder network organization. Since 2016 Diane has worked on a national level supporting as consultant on incubator projects and in enterprise management, mentoring and advising start-ups. Diane holds a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Languages German and Spanish from Dublin City University and a Postgraduate in Entrepreneurship from Trinity College Dublin.

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