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WE Support Invite

TU Dublin Vice President of Sustainability - Jennifer Boyer Launches ‘WE Support and WE Hack’

The launch of the WE Support will be a two day hackathon – ‘WE Hack’ (supported by TU Dublin colleagues in CONVENE) where participants will form teams to address the ‘Vice Presidents Quest’ available here.

Prize Pack:

  • Overall winners receiving a mentorship and marketing pack to the value of €20k to continue to develop our their idea
  • Successful teams from WE HACK will then have the opportunity to present their winning ideas at a pitch event as part of TU Dublin’s involvement with the European University of Technology. All details to follow after WE HACK.
  • Spot prizes to be won throughout the event

How can I apply / register?

Register via Microsoft Forms using your TU Dublin staff / student number and email. Apply by filling out the form.

WE Support’ is a new TU Dublin pan-University initiative to address these historical deficits and to increase representation of women in entrepreneurship across all TU Dublin disciplines.

The aims of the WE Support programme are to:

  1. Increase female student participation in entrepreneurship
  2. Grow the number of TU Dublin women alumni in senior leadership positions in external organisations
  3. Increase the number of women-led/co-founder TU Dublin spin-outs

How does WE Support help empower women?

We Support offers end-to-end support throughout the programme and provides dedicated event information, relevant resources, potential funding and other supports to the participants.

Semester 1 – WE Support

  • Work with Like Mind Individuals and form a multi-disciplinary pan university team
  • Opportunity to engage in the WE Hack Quest and win incredible prizes
  • On the 2nd of November; we will be releasing a talk series, where entrepreneurs from TU Dublin alumni, incubator clients, New Frontiers participants, TU Dublin staff and TU Dublin students will discuss their entrepreneurial journey.
    • The panellists discuss a number of relevant topics for aspiring women entrepreneurs, such as entrepreneurial thinking, work-life balance, how to scale your business idea, and how TU Dublin can support your journey.
    • You will have exclusive access to the talk series and the other relevant resources provided.
  • Opportunity to develop your product / service / idea and bring it to market.

Semester 2 – WE Support

  • Details will be announced in December for Semester 2 WE Support

Semester 3 - Summer Accelerator

  • Programme will be launched in March / April

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