TU Dublin Raising Awareness of the Gender and Sex Dimension in Research

20 May, 2020

Researchers at TU Dublin are leading an international project, Gender for Excellence in Research (GenderEX), to stimulate the integration of the Sex and Gender Dimension in Research in Turkey.

Lead by Professor Yvonne Galligan at TU Dublin, with support from the University of Genoa and Lund University, GenderEx will build networks, exchange knowledge and engage best practices to stimulate the integration of the Sex and Gender Dimension in Research Content (SGDRC) in Turkey.

For Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) interested in gender studies and gender methodologies, there are few opportunities in Turkey to develop their research skills and capacities. GenderEx aims to further the adoption of SGDRC across multiple scientific disciplines in Turkey and beyond by enhancing the capacity of the Gender and Women’s Studies Research Centre (GWSRC) in Kadir Has University in Istanbul.

GenderEX specific objectives are:

  • To raise awareness and communicate the benefits of integrating the sex and gender dimension into research content in all academic fields,
  • To increase the capacity and pool of researchers that integrate SGDRC, with a particular focus on Early Stage Researchers (ESRs),
  • To create networking opportunities that generate future partnerships for academic production that includes SGDRC,
  • To strengthen the research management, administration skills, and research reputation at GWSRC-KHAS.

Speaking about GenderEX, Professor Yvonne Galligan, Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at TU Dublin, “Gender is all too often overlooked in many scientific areas, but we know that sex/gender analysis is an indispensable means to innovate and drive excellence in research and tackle societal challenges. Sex and/or gender analysis obliges researchers to question stereotypes and gender norms and to ensure that research addresses the realities of all individuals whatever their gender identity. GenderEx will provide researchers in Turkey to train in sex and gender analysis so they can identify the scientific gaps in their work while raising awareness of the benefits of integrating the sex and gender dimension into in all academic fields.”

Professor Galligan says the project will also provide many opportunities for researchers interested in the Gender and Sex dimension to engage with colleagues from across Europe. “TU Dublin looks forward to welcoming up to 50 early-stage researchers from the science, engineering and humanities disciplines in Kadir Has University at regular intervals over the next three years, with whom we will share the expertise available in TU Dublin to create programmes on integrating sex and gender in research. We look forward also to having our partners at Lund University and the University of Genoa contribute to these programmes. Our TU Dublin researchers will have plenty of opportunities to interact with our Kadir Has visitors and our Lund and Genoa partners, enriching the experience for all involved.”

GenderEX is funded by the Horizon 2020 programme under the twinning call Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation