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As a graduate student at TU Dublin, you will engage in a structured, research-based programme of education, which includes activities that help you to acquire a range of specialist and transversal skills. All of our graduate students follow their own individual research work-programme, making an original contribution to knowledge, under the guidance of expert and committed supervision, in state-of-the-art, interdisciplinary, research environments.

The PhD Programme at TU Dublin is a structured programme of research and includes activities that support the acquisition of a range of specialist and transversal skills.  The early stages of the programme are also applicable to Masters (MPhil) and Diploma (PgDip(Res)) programmes and our research programmes have smart specialisations in: 

There are four main elements to the research programme at TU Dublin:

  • Element 1 - Original Research
  • Element 2 - Research Plans
  • Element 3 - Transversal Skills
  • Element 4 - Discipline Skills

As a graduate research student you will complete your specialised research project in interdisciplinary research environments and simultaneously develop a range of discipline specific and transversal skills and competencies utilizable by industry and the professions, including:

  • Information Retrieval
  • Research Integrity
  • Research Methods
  • Project Management
  • Work-Based Learning

Information on how to apply!

PhD opportunities are available at TU Dublin in many subject areas.

Interested candidates can submit an Expression of Interest form for our Research Programme. They can propose their own project or choose a project proposed by one of our expert supervisors in one our Research Institutes, Centres and Groups. 

Current Funded Projects

College of Sciences and Health:

Developing an Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies Preparedness Plan MPhil project - Application deadline 24th June 2022

College Of Engineering and Built Environment:

Current Self-Funded Projects

College of Arts and Tourism: 

College Of Engineering and Built Environment:

College of Business: 

College of Sciences and Health:

The International Doctoral Programme at TU Dublin is ideal for academic staff in international universities and higher-education institutions or any professional who wishes to undertake a PhD while continuing to work. 

Are you ready to start your PhD project but do not meet the minimum English language requirements? You can now enrol on our PhD Bridging Programme, a 12-week intensive programme developed especially for students who need further English language preparation to progress to their PhD programmes.


TU Dublin welcomes PhD students from other universities to study or conduct part of their research with us for a brief period of time. While delighted to assist them in their research, we also appreciate the enrichment that such students can bring to our research community.