Planning Your Research

Research is central to TU Dublin's strategic plans and there are supports in place to help TU Dublin staff and students to become internationally recognised and to be known for the creation of new knowledge and timely and practical solutions that address the SDGs.

Whether you are starting off or a more experienced researcher spending time strategically developing your research will ultimately help you to be more successful. Last minute applications rarely get funded. Take some time to look ahead and to think about the type of research team you want to build / or be a part of. What types of funding do you need? For a big project or to bring in graduate students? For travel or conferences? Brainstorm some ideas with your colleagues and build up a portfolio of one-page research ideas that you can develop over time into PhD, Postdoctoral or Project proposals.

There are some key National research funding calls that are launched around the same time every year so you don't have to wait until the call is launched to start writing your proposal. During the less busy times of the year you can start preparing drafts. 

The Early Career Researcher Development unit has a range of supports to help with career planning and research development.