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Brewing and Distilling / Grúdaireacht & Driogáil

Course Title: Postgraduate Certificate in Brewing & Distilling

  • Level 8 (NFQ) or higher degree in Science, Food, Engineering or Business. 
  • Candidates with other equivalent qualifications and/or relevant industrial experience combined with suitable prior learning, both academic and professional, may be considered if deemed appropriate by the TU Dublin RPL Policy
  • Or international equivalent as deemed appropriate by TU Dublin.  
    International students must have evidence of a proficiency in the English language e.g. IELTS 6.0

This Postgraduate Certificate includes modules on the technical aspects of brewing and distilling, and the opportunity to acquire hands-on practical experience in these disciplines, in our new micro-brewery/distillery at TU Dublin Grangegorman.

In addition, students will learn the process of product development and sensory analysis and will make their own bespoke beverage (concept through to final product).  This is coupled with an introduction to the ‘business world’ through a creation, innovation and entrepreneurship module; which may afford interested participants the opportunity to consider a career as a beverage entrepreneur.  

Alternatively, this Postgraduate Certificate may serve as the basis for future employment in the drinks sector or further postgraduate research in the area of brewing and distilling in TU Dublin.  Students will also have the opportunity to attend guest lectures from industry experts and visit companies on day trips.  Moreover, students will also grow their network of contacts and gain ‘real-life’ experience through a work placement/practice module. 

This is a special purpose course run over one academic year.  It is comprised of 5 modules, two of which are completed in the first semester, two of which are completed in the second semester, and one module which runs across the academic year.  Each semester will last 12 weeks and will be followed by examinations.  The course will give students a grounding in the technical aspects of brewing and distilling through lectures and practical sessions.  In addition, students will learn the process of product development and sensory analysis testing, and have the opportunity to develop and taste their own beverages. This will be complemented with lectures in Creation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and a 30 days or 6 weeks industry work practice module (from 40 days/8 weeks). This course consists of the following modules:

Semester 1
  • Brewing & Distilling Work Practice (10 ECTS, 40 days)
  • Brewing, Fermentation & Distilling (5 ECTS, 48 hours)
  • Brewing Operations (5 ECTS, 36 hours)
Semester 2
  • Beverage Product Development (5 ECTS, 36 hours)
  • Creation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (5 ECTS, 24 hours)
  • Brewing & Distilling Work Practice (10 ECTS, 40 days)                 


Delivery will be blended: 2 on site days in Semester 1. 1 day on site and 1 day online or hyflex (can be attended on campus or online) in semester 2. 

There is flexibility regarding completion of the work practice module in semester 1 and/or semester 2, or during the summer months. 

Semester 1:  

2 day of lectures/labs. Practicals will take place onsite in Grangegorman. Practical classes will be 0.5 days during term, with the exception of when industry visits are scheduled. Students will have advance notice of industry visits. 

Lab: 9:00-12:00
Lecture: 12:00-14:00 

Tutorial: 11:00-12:00
Lecture: 12:00-14:00
Tutorial: 14:00-15:00
Lab: 15:00-18:00 

Semester 2:  

1 day of lectures online or hyflex teaching (can be attended in class or online). Additional (optional) industry visits will be provided for interested/available students. 

Lecture: 9:00-13:00
Lab: 13:00-16:00 

Tutorial: 9:00-11:00 

Work Practice Module (Semester 1 &/or Semester 2): 

Students will undertake placement/work practice for 30 days or 6 weeks either part-time (integrated into semester 1 or semester 2) or in a block at the end of term, with an industry partner or stakeholder.   

There are two options available to complete the brewing and distilling work practice module: 

1) Students will have the opportunity to seek out and secure an internship in a suitable company, with the help of their work practice co-ordinator. Notably, students will have the option of completing their internship outside of Ireland as an Erasmus student. 

2) Students will also have the opportunity to complete their work practice module in their existing work place, if it is deemed as suitable by the work practice co-ordinator. Examples would include drinks sector companies such as a brewery, distillery, malting company etc.

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I think the programme is going to serve me really well in the future because I now have a little be more of the science knowledge on brewing & distilling, but also, I think it’s opened up another career path in marketing or innovation or new product development. Something along those lines which I wouldn’t have had exposure to in my job previous to this.
Padraig Fox, Guinness Global Brand Ambassador, Diageo & Graduate


I motivated to join the programme because while I have a lot of experience this is the first time has been an opportunity in Ireland for people like me who haven’t come through the brewing & distilling industry to get some qualifications without having to start at the very start, where we can come in at a postgraduate level. I think the programme is going to be great benefit to my future business career because I am now more certain of the decisions I am making, especially on the technical side and on the product development side. While I did have formal education in innovation and entrepreneurship, what I didn’t have were food and drink entrepreneurship skills – and that’s what this course has given me, which I’m going to take right through the business over the next five to ten years.
Stuart McNamara, Director, Portmagee Whiskey & Graduate


One aspect of the course that was very good was the networking. There were sixteen students from varied backgrounds and experiences. I came from a dairy background, others from the drinks business, and others from non-food backgrounds, so the networking part of it was fantastic.
Paul MacGabhann, Marketing and Brand Strategist & Graduate

TU Code



Level 9


Postgraduate Certificate


1 Year

Course Type


Mode of Study

Part Time

Method of Delivery

On-Campus, Online

Commencement Date

September 2023


City Centre: Grangegorman

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