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Data Science and Artificial IntelligenceEolaíocht Sonraí agus Intleacht Shaorga

Course Title: Bachelor of Science (Honours) Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Leaving Certificate Requirements

Minimum Number of





Minimum Grade in


Eng OR Irish



QQI/FET Requirements

Level 5

One of the following:

CITXX (Information Technology)    5 Distinctions which must include:
• C20013 Computer Systems
• C20012 Computer programming
5M0536 / Computer Systems and Networks 
5 Distinctions which must include two of:
• 5N0548 or 5N17783 Computer H/W
• 5N0556 Maths for STEM
• 5N0554 Computational methods 
• 5N18396 Maths for IT
• LCE Maths at O4/H7
Plus at least three Distinctions from the following:
• 5N2927/5N17802 Programming and Design principles 
• 5N2434/5N17805 Visualisation 
• 5N2929/5N17788 Networking
• 5N0544/5N17784 Distributed Systems
• 5N0583/5N17786 ICT security
• 5N0580/5N17787 Mobile technologies
• 5N2928/5N17789 Operating Systems
5M0529/Software Development
5 Distinctions which must include:
• 5N0541 or 5N17785 Fundamentals of OO programming

And one from:
• 5N0556 Maths for STEM
• 5N0554 Computational methods 
• 5N18396 Maths for IT
• LCE Maths at O4/H7

Plus at least three Distinctions from the following:

• 5N0783 Database methods
• 5N1651 Games Design
• 5N1910 Web authoring
• 5N0580/5N17787 - Mobile tech
• 5N2928/5N17789 - op systems
• 5N2927/5N17802 - programming & Design
• 5N2769/5N17804 S/W testing
• 5N2772/5N17803 S/W architecture
Level 6   

6M0691, certificate awarded 
6M0695 Computer Systems and Networks

120 credits in total, Level 6 

Course Description

The Bachelor of Science in Data Science and AI is a state of the art course that aims to provide graduates with leading-edge skills in data science and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, as well as fundamental skills of computer science. Graduates will be equipped for employment in a  wide variety of areas within both the technology sector and the wider area business sector, from start-ups, SMEs to larger corporates.  This is an honours four year course, which also allows exit points at higher cert (2 years) or ordinary degree level (3 years). Work placement and/or Erasmus opportunties are offered.    

Data science focuses on the process of extracting, cleaning, and analyzing data to gain insights. Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves creating intelligent systems that can carry out tasks autonomously. AI is heavily data-driven, therefore that data science and artificial intelligence are heavily intertwined domains.

Fundamental computer science skills (including programming, software engineering, algorithm design, web development and IT hardware) are embedded into the first two years of the course. The data science and AI context and specialism begins in Year 1, deepening and extending through the following three years.  

An option to undertake work experience during the course, combined with the use of case studies and guest lectures in domain focused modules, will aid students to develop their work readiness. The completion of the capstone research project modules will produce graduates that will be self-reliant, problem-solving, innovative and self-motivating.  

Study Abroad

Students can apply to participate in a study abroad option for the second half of third year as part of your experiential learning.

Work Placement

Students can opt to participate in our highly successful work placement programme. The School of Computer Science maintains close liaisons with various industry partners, including both multi-nationals as well as home-grown companies. Alternatively, you can work with community organisations on our innovative service-learning module, whereby you take responsibility for interesting ICT projects in the community.

  • Data analyst
  • Data scientist
  • AI / data science researcher
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data architect
  • Business analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Software developer / software engineer
  • User interface designer
  • AI-based product design
  • Roles in tech innovation start-ups

Upon graduation you will be qualified to pursue postgraduate studies to MSc, MPhil and PhD levels at TU Dublin or elsewhere.

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Level 8


Bachelor of Science (Honours)


4 years

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