Fostering Global Academic Collaboration: TU Dublin Faculty of Business Welcomes Visiting Academics from Kenyatta University and University of Nairobi through the Global Entrepreneurial Talent Management 4 Project Initiative.

Published: 26 Feb, 2024

In a notable academic exchange, the Faculty of Business at Technological University Dublin hosted Fredrick Ndede and AMBROSE JAGONGO from Kenyatta University, the second-largest public university in Kenya. The meeting, led by Eoin Langan, Dean of the Faculty of Business, covered a diverse range of topics aimed at enhancing the academic ties between the institutions. Discussions included higher education policies, approaches to teaching and learning, the macroeconomic environment in both Kenya and Ireland, and most importantly, strategies for promoting student entrepreneurship. The meeting served as a platform for sharing insights and initiatives undertaken to encourage students to consider entrepreneurship during or after their higher education studies.

One of the focal points was the Global Entrepreneurial Talent Management 4 Project, which seeks to promote global collaboration in entrepreneurship education. The visiting professors, Dr. Ndede and Dr. Jagongo, shared their experiences and perspectives, fostering an exchange of ideas and laying the groundwork for potential future research collaborations.

In a parallel meeting with Dr Amr Mahfouz, Head of Research for the Faculty of Business, discussions centered around the robust PhD research programs offered by both institutions. The feasibility of fostering research collaboration was explored through avenues such as co-supervision of PhD projects, collaborative publications, and the development of case studies. Both parties expressed enthusiasm for multidisciplinary research, aligning with TU Dublin's strategic priorities and paving the way for joint initiatives to secure research funding internationally.

Further strengthening the academic connections, a meeting with Paul O'Reilly, Project Lead for TU Dublin GROWTHhub, delved into the initiatives of the GrowthHub Project. The discussion revolved around student entrepreneurship learning initiatives, emphasising the critical role of entrepreneurship competencies in enhancing employability. Kenyatta University expressed keen interest in understanding and potentially adopting aspects of TU Dublin's approach to entrepreneurship education.

Ochieng Duncan Elly from Nairobi University added a unique dimension to the visit by attending a Dragons Den-styled event under the New Venture Creation module on the TU Dublin School of Management, People and Organisations Business and Management degree programme. The module is delivered by Thomas Cooney and in 2021 this module was the Winner of the ECSB-BLI European Award for Best Learning Innovation in Entrepreneurship Education.