School of MPO Staff Celebrated for Recent Publications in HR and Industrial Relations

Published: 10 Jun, 2024

The School of MPO is proud to announce and congratulate some of our talented staff members on their recent impactful publications. These works address critical contemporary issues in HR and industrial relations, showcasing the School of MPO's thought leadership and dedication to advancing knowledge in these fields.

1. Assessing Dissertation Authenticity in the Age of AI By Dr. Daire Hooper and Ann Masterson

Dr. Daire Hooper and Ann Masterson have taken a proactive stance on a pressing issue in higher education with their recent blog, "How Do We Assess the Authenticity of Dissertations in Light of AI?" As large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT become increasingly integrated into academic work, concerns about the authenticity of student dissertations have grown. The blog advocates for implementing viva voce examinations and mandatory supervisor meetings to ensure genuine student engagement and the development of higher-order thinking skills. This timely discussion is part of our latest Dynamic Conversation series, aiming to engage the academic community in finding practical solutions to uphold academic integrity. Click here for further information

2. Unpacking the Relationship Between Pay, Motivation, and Performance By Ann Masterson and Karen Feery, TU Dublin

In a thought-provoking piece, Ann Masterson and Karen Feery explore the intricate dynamics between pay, motivation, and performance amid the cost of living crisis. Their analysis, grounded in extensive research, reveals that while higher pay can temporarily boost motivation for mundane tasks, it does not sustain long-term performance or engagement. Instead, they emphasize the importance of recognition and a culture of appreciation in the workplace. Their insights, drawn from various studies, suggest that employee recognition is vital for enhancing job satisfaction, motivation, and productivity. This work provides valuable guidance for managers seeking to foster a more engaged and productive workforce. Click here for further information

3. Investigating Industrial Relations in Chinese MNEs in Ireland By Dr. Yanyi Wang, Dr. Jonathan Lavelle, and Prof. Patrick Gunnigle

We are also thrilled to recognize Dr. Yanyi Wang, along with co-authors Dr. Jonathan Lavelle and Prof. Patrick Gunnigle, for their publication in the prestigious European Journal of Industrial Relations. Their paper, "Exploring Host and Home Country Effects on Industrial Relations in Chinese Multinational Enterprises – Evidence from Ireland," examines the IR practices of Chinese MNEs operating in Ireland. The study highlights how Irish IR institutions and home country influences shape these practices, offering insights into the complex interplay of global and local factors in industrial relations. This research contributes significantly to understanding the IR landscape of Chinese MNEs and their integration into the Irish business environment. Click here for further information

These publications underscore the exceptional research and thought leadership of our staff within the School of MPO at TU Dublin. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the authors for their outstanding contributions and look forward to the continued impact of their work on academia and industry.