Successful Visit of TU Dublin Faculty of Business to Pharos University, Alexandria, Egypt

Published: 7 May, 2024

The TU Dublin Faculty of Business recently concluded a successful visit to Pharos University in Alexandria, Egypt. This visit marked a significant milestone in the ongoing collaboration between the two institutions, focusing on quality assurance and programme monitoring for the Business & Management sister programme.

Dr. Roisin Donnelly and Dr. John Murray from the TU Dublin School of Management, People and Organisations were joined by colleagues from various schools, including Louise O' Sullivan and Dr. Cormac MacMahon from the School of Accounting, Economics, and Finance, who made impactful presentations at two international sustainability conferences.

One of the visit's highlights was the celebration of the first graduation ceremony for Pharos University staff who completed a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate in sustainability. This achievement reflects the commitment of both institutions to advancing sustainability education and supporting the professional growth of their staff.

Dr. MacMahon and his colleagues’ contributions at the sustainability conferences not only demonstrated the academic prowess of TU Dublin but also emphasized the global significance of sustainability in today's educational and business landscapes.

The success of this visit was made possible through the dedication and collaboration of all involved, and it marks another step forward in the strategic partnership between TU Dublin and Pharos University. This visit highlights the commitment of the TU Dublin School of Management, People, and Organisations in increasing its international collaborations and global partnerships.

The visit was well-received, and both institutions look forward to continuing their efforts to promote excellence in higher education through shared knowledge, resources, and best practices.