TU Dublin Launches GETM4 Project with Inspiring Week-Long Sandpit Meeting

Published: 29 Jan, 2024

On Monday 22nd January, TU Dublin successfully launched the ‘Global Entrepreneurial Talent Management 4' (GETM4) project, an ambitious initiative aimed at fostering international collaboration and innovation around entrepreneurial talent, opportunities created by major disruption, digital entrepreneurial action, responsible innovation, and societal health.

The week-long sandpit meeting, co-hosted by the TU Dublin School of Computer Science and the TU Dublin School of Management, People and Organisations, featured key sessions and discussions and laid the foundations for dynamic collaborations amongst representatives from the 11 partner universities involved in GETM4 who were in attendance.

Opening Ceremony Sets the Tone: The launch kicked off with an opening ceremony in Grangegorman, whereby TU Dublin’s Head of Research, Dr. Brendan Jennings delivered a compelling speech on GETM4, which set the stage for an exciting week of collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Dr. Paul Doyle from the TU Dublin School of Computer Science and Prof. Alison Pearce from Northumbria University then took the stage to provide a comprehensive introduction to the GETM4 project. Their insights illuminated the goals, objectives, and anticipated impact of GETM4 over the next 4 years.

Design-led Knowledge Co-Creation and Work Package World Tour: Day 2 of the sandpit delved into the heart of the project focusing on design-led knowledge co-creation led by Dr Mark Bailey, Professor of Design-led Innovation at Northumbria University. Participants engaged in dynamic discussions, laying the groundwork for innovative approaches to be explored during the lifetime of GETM4. Day 3 of the sandpit meeting provided a comprehensive exploration of the various Work Packages of GETM4 and connected components.

Cultural Connections at Group Dinner: The GETM4 community spirit was further strengthened on day 3 where participants gathered for a group dinner and a social/cultural event at the ‘Celtic Night’ in the Arlington Hotel. This more relaxed setting allowed for informal interactions and connections to be made amongst participants, and provided participants with a taste of the Irish culture and music.

Strategic Planning at Steering Committee Meeting: A crucial aspect of the week was the Project Steering Committee Meeting which took place on day 4, where the GETM4 Project Committee convened to strategize and ensure the seamless execution of the GETM4 project. This meeting played a pivotal role in aligning objectives and setting a roadmap for the upcoming phases of GETM4.

Exploring Ireland's Beauty:  Day 5 took the participants on a day tour of the picturesque County Wicklow and Glendalough Park. This immersive experience allowed for both relaxation and continued collaboration in a unique and inspiring setting.

The launch and subsequent sandpit meeting exemplified the TU Dublin School of Computer Science and the TU Dublin School of Management, People and Organisations commitment to global collaboration and innovation. As the GETM4 project progresses, the foundations laid during this week-long sandpit meeting are sure to contribute greatly to achieving the deliverables of GETM4 and foster lasting international partnerships.