TU Dublin School of MPO Launches Industry Advisory Board to Foster Collaboration and Innovation

Published: 15 Apr, 2024

In a move aimed at fortifying its position as a hub of excellence in management education, the TU Dublin School of Management, People and Organisations (MPO) has announced the establishment of its Industry Advisory Board (IAB).

The launch of the IAB signals a significant stride in the school's pursuit of becoming a frontrunner in management education. With a commitment to nurturing forward-thinking and independent minds capable of navigating future challenges,  the School of MPO aims to equip its students with the requisite skills and knowledge vital for success in the contemporary workforce.

Focused on key areas such as 'Strategy & Leadership', 'Management', 'Human Resource Management', and 'Organisation Studies', the School of MPO is dedicated to providing its students with a holistic understanding of modern business dynamics.

The newly formed Industry Advisory Board will serve as a crucial link between academia and industry, offering invaluable insights to shape the school's graduate activities and programs. By providing strategic guidance and industry perspectives, the board members aim to ensure that the School of MPO curriculum remains relevant and aligned with the evolving demands of the business landscape.

The inaugural meeting of the Industry Advisory Board marked the beginning of an exciting journey of collaboration and discovery. Through engaging discussions, the board members and the School of MPO faculty are working together to identify industry needs and emerging trends, thereby enhancing the school's ability to prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow.

We are immensely grateful to our esteemed Industry Advisory Board members for their dedication to guiding our vision and fostering meaningful partnerships.  Together, we are poised to drive positive change within our community and beyond.

The Industry Advisory Board comprises a distinguished group of professionals from various sectors:

  • John McManus, Country Director, Advanced
  • Lorraine Toole, Director, Talent Acquisition (EMEA Product & Technology), Workday
  • Natasha Kinsella, Dublin Regional Skills Forum Manager, Regional Skills Dublin
  • Aisling Soden, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor, Enterprise Ireland
  • Ron Metcalfe, Managing Director, Iceland Foods Ireland
  • Caoimhe Nugent, New Business Account Manager, Google
  • Sara Warren, Risk Analyst, CRH
  • Ciara O'Keeffe, Digital Transformation Consultant

As the School of MPO continues its journey of innovation and growth, the guidance and expertise of the Industry Advisory Board will play a pivotal role in shaping its future endeavors.

Stay tuned for updates as the school embarks on this collaborative journey towards excellence in management education.