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Work Placements

Work Placement is considered an integral element of higher education programmes at TU Dublin.  From our perspective, it offers an opportunity for students to apply what they have learned, continue to learn new practice-based skills and also to gain an understanding of what is required of them in the workplace.

The advantages for employers include opportunities to develop research links, recruit graduates and to engage with a Higher Education Institute in the transfer of knowledge and the development of employment-ready graduates.

Work placement is a three-way partnership between the employer, the HEI and the student.  It gives employers the chance to recruit a valuable source of skilled labour for their business/organisation and provides a pipeline for their future recruitment needs.

Work Placements vary in duration and the awarding of credits. Generally speaking, the terms ‘work placement’ and ‘internship’ have the same meaning - a period of pre-career full-time work experience at a company.  However, work placements are usually held during the academic term time (with academic credits allocated) whereas internships are usually offered to graduates outside of term time and after graduation.  Some employer organisations may also offer summer internships to undergraduate students.

How to Get Involved with Work Placement Programmes

If as an employer, you are interested in engaging with TU Dublin to offer a placement to students from our Aungier St, Blanchardstown, Bolton St., Grangegorman or Tallaght campuses, please find below the list of programmes and the contact persons on our Placement Registry.  It indicates the duration and commencement date of the placement and point of contact. 

TU Dublin Placement Registry

Reasons Employers Recruit  Placement Students

  • Organisational need.
  • Develop talent and skills for the future.
  • Desire to support a local HEI.
  • Help to up-skill the next generation.

Benefits of Work Placement to Employers

  • Students offer a source of skilled labour and an insight into new practices being taught in TU Dublin.
  • Students provide a flexible and cost-effective solution to recruitment needs and help ease staff workload at busy times.
  • They bring new ideas and new perspectives into the workplace.
  • Employers can recruit an additional resource to undertake projects.
  • Employers can identify potential new recruits and create a feeder pool for future graduate recruitment.
  • It provides people management development opportunities for staff.
  • It develops links with TU Dublin for a range of purposes, such as R&D.