The Applied Electrochemistry Group (AEG) of the Technological University Dublin carries out research in electrochemistry, with special emphasis being placed on practical aspects of the subject. It has four Principal Investigators; Professor John CassidyDr Tony Betts, Dr John Colleran and Dr Ben Schazmann. The Group is based in the FOCAS Research Institute in Camden Row, Dublin 8.

Electrochemistry is a multidisciplinary field that was originally an important branch of physical chemistry. It deals with the chemical action of electricity and/or the production of electricity by chemical reactions.

A diverse range of important applications exist, including;  

Recent graduate students from the AEG include Dr Anna Banasiak, Dr Emma Brennan, Dr Kevin Raheem, Dr Prabhakar Sidambaram and Dr Rafaela de Carvalho, who conducted a range of projects in the electrochemistry field in several of the above areas. Current PhD students include Kevin Joe Kurian and Pei-Hsuang Wu (co-supervised by Dr Bernie Creaven of the School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences).

Recent publications from members of the AEG are listed in the TU Dublin ARROW repository.

Expressions of interest from potential postgraduate students or post-doctoral researchers considering in working in one of these important research areas are always welcome.