The Research group for Human Factors in Safety & Sustainability (HFISS) at TU Dublin is an innovative hub of multidisciplinary expertise committed to human centred design and improvement for the safety and sustainability of intelligent complex systems. This research group promotes the consideration of human and organisational factors in sectors where breakdowns between the automated system and the human operator can have fatal consequences. At HFISS, we provide the interdisciplinary skillset for the development of Collaborative Intelligence systems blending expertise in AI with expertise in Human Factors, Human Reliability Analysis, Neuroergonomics and System Safety Engineering.

Our Mission

The HFISS will address the shortcoming in the methods and approaches in the Human Factors discipline. Researchers at HFISS will also work on the wider agenda for the human-tech revolution on how to create new models of socio-technical system performance so that the human factors can be core to fast technology development. This ambitious goal will be accomplished by the development of modelling and assessment capacities in the areas of Ergonomics, Safety Engineering, Social Sciences, Computer and Data Science for Research Training and Consultancy. The solutions provided will be directly linked with the needs of industry and society to test human machine interface paradigms for safety critical domains as shaped modern technologies.

Our research at HFISS is built around human as the group of the developments, we provide solutions for People. The methodologies and techniques developed at HFISS must be sustainable and environmentally friendly, we care about our Planet. Finally, our existing network between academic and industry bodies will be enlarged to provide smart solutions to real-world challenges, we work together in Partnership. In short, our mission at HFISS is to develop a better and safer world by contributing with the three pillars of TU Dublin’s strategy, People, Planet and Partnership.

The alignment with ESHI strategy resides in the interdisciplinarity of our experts at HFISS. This offers a multi-level, cross-sectoral approach for each of our solutions in benefit of public health concerns. In this manner, the methodologies and techniques developed at HFISS will contribute to the ESHI’s overarching mission to achieve healthier lives for children, the elderly and vulnerable populations.