Dr. Maria Chiara Leva

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School of Food Science & Environmental Health

Email: mariachiara.leva@TUDublin.ie

Tel: 01 220 5664

Dr Maria Chiara Leva (PI in ESHI) is the co-chair of the technical committee on Human Factors for the European Safety and Reliability Association (ESRA), former chair of the Irish Ergonomics Society and co-chair of the Symposium on Human Mental Workload. In 2016 she was awarded a Female Founder Competitive Start Fund by the National Digital Research Centre and Enterprise Ireland for her Campus Company ‘Tosca Human Factors Solutions’. The company is a spin out of one of the EU project Dr Leva led as a PI, She currently holds a scientific advisory role in the business. Dr Leva has more than 60 publications on Human Factors (HF), Operational Risk Assessment and Safety Management in Science and Engineering Journals. She is a Lecturer in TU Dublin and visiting lecturer for Risk Assessment and Safety Management in the School of Engineering, associated PI in the Science and Technology in Advanced Manufacturing research centre and in the Centre for Innovative Human Systems in Trinity College Dublin.


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