IEO have four basement laboratories in FOCAS, each equipped with vibration isolated optical tables, as well as additional laboratories for sample preparation, humidity-controlled experiments and dark rooms. These house a large range of lasers emitting at wavelengths ranging from 475 to 660nm, optical devices and components. Automated optical set ups for holographic recording and testing of diffractive structures and photonic devices, as well as facilities for fabrication and testing of holographic sensors.

As part of the FOCAS Research Institute, IEO has access to range of tools including microscopy
(highperformance Asylum Research Atomic Force Microscope, an Olympus phase contrast microscope) and spectroscopy (Perkin Elmer Lambda 900 UV/VIS/NIR Spectrometer, Horiba Jobin Yvon LabRAM HR Raman Spectrometer and Perkin Elmer Spotlight 400N FT-IR Spectrometer)