GROWTHhub Design Thinking Workshops

GROWTHhub is funded by the Higher Education Authority Human Capital Initiative with the mission of supporting the development of entrepreneurial and creative learning outcomes for TU Dublin students.

For the academic year 2022/23 we are offering a selection of Design Thinking workshops for TU Dublin programmes.

The GROWTHhub Design Thinking catalogue offers a selection of workshops that can be provided to your students. The workshops are designed to boost your students creative skills and creative confidence with a structured approach to idea generation, exploration and development. They range in complexity and relevance to different programmes and needs.


What is Design Thinking?


Workshops catalogue

Hello Design Thinking
Unlocking Creativity for Design Thinking
Unlocking Visual Thinking for Design Thinking
Design Thinking to Go – Empathy
Design Thinking to Go – Observation
Design Thinking to Go – Interviewing
Design Thinking to Go – Insights
The Art of Ideating:  Generating Big Ideas with Design Thinking
The Art of Creating: Rapid Prototyping
The Art of Creating: Prototyping for Digital Experiences
Design Thinking for Business Design
Design Thinking for Change
Design Thinking for Research
Impactful Communication through Design Thinking                 
Creative Collaboration through Design Thinking


Booking a GROWTHhub Design Thinking Workshop


Facilitator Profile: Shachi Parmar

Shachi Parmar delivers Creativity and Design Thinking modules and workshops in the Faculty of Business and GROWTHhub. To date in her career she has delivered Design Thinking, Creativity and Innovation Workshops to more than 10,000+ Individuals and 50+ Organisations. She is a Venture Mentor in various organisations such as Climate Fund, and she is also Programme Advisor for Design Thinking Executive Education Programme at MIT, India.

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