TU Dublin President's Sustainability Innovation Challenge

TU Dublin President’s Sustainability Innovation Challenge is an invitation to TU Dublin students across all faculties and campuses to come together at the TU Dublin Grangegorman campus on 04 November 2022 to  a hackathon event where they brainstorm ideas to positively impact on a global problem. 

This year the focus of the Innovation Challenge is on reducing household food waste. The reduction and/or elimination of food waste is one of the most important challenges faced by mankind. If our current global food system cannot feed 7.5 billion people today, how can it feed nearly 10 billion people in 2050? 

Why is domestic food waste the 2022 Innovation Challenge?

Why this challenge? There are lots of important reasons for focusing on reducing domestic food waste this year…  here are a few big ones…

In summary, reducing food waste:

 Who is eligible to get involved?

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Funded by:Human Capital Initiative, Government of Ireland & GROWTHhub logos