Muhammad Qasim Warraich

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Research Scientist


Tel: +353 83 1998503

Qasim joined CREST in 2021

Professional qualifications:

  • Bachelors in Pharmacy (BZU, Pakistan), Masters in Molecular Medical Biology (Orebro   University, Sweden), Ph.D. in Cancer Chemotherapy, Focas Research Institute, TU Dublin, Ireland
  • Production Pharmacist at Goodman Laboratories, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Research assistant at School of Life Sciences, Orebro University Sweden
  • Retail Pharmacist at FourStar Pharmacy, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Research scientist (Sol-gels)

Bullet point skills

  • Production and packaging of drugs (tablets, capsules, dry suspensions, injectables)
  • Gene cloning and investigation of the interaction of various cellular genes involved in tumorigenesis
  • Cell culturing
  • Cell viability assays
  • Gene expression analysis of various cellular markers
  • Spectrophotometry, Confocal Microscopy, Flow Cytometry, Q-Sun Photoactivation
  • Material scientist (Sol-gel coating fabrication and characterisation)

Research Profile:

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