MiCRA is one of Ireland’s leading research facilities

MiCRA-Biodiagnostics is an industry-led research & development facility located in TU Dublin, Tallaght campus. The work of the facility is supported by Enterprise Ireland’s Technology Gateways programme and is funded through industrial collaboration. The facility has a strong and growing portfolio of applied research making knowledge and expertise accessible to local and national industry.

Staffed by business development and project management professionals, electrochemists/chemists, microbiologists, physical scientists, and engineers to offer technical solutions to drive product development. MiCRA helps companies in many areas including:

MiCRA partners with academic applied research, entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, and large industrial companies to deliver solutions in sensors and diagnostic products and closer to Irish industry needs. We work with industrial clients and partners through a range of funding mechanisms from the smallest feasibility studies up to 2+ year commercialisation projects: