Our project scientists and engineers work together with product developers, medical practitioners and technology partners to achieve solutions to diverse technical challenges. Since 2007, MiCRA has partnered with entrepreneurs, companies and academic researchers to advance analytical and diagnostic products.


MiCRA has worked extensively with a range of partners from start-ups through SMEs to global multinationals. Our core technologies can be readily adapted to provide solutions for a range of challenges. in sectors that include:

• Human and Vet Diagnostics
• Dairy and Agri-Food Sector
• Environment and Water
• Materials and Formulation
• Bio and Pharma
• Brewing and Beverage

MiCRA has a long and successful record of delivering commercially viable research and technical solutions for Irish industry. We undertake a variety of projects, both short to long term, for a diverse group of companies. The MiCRA R&D teams work with industry partners to achieve project success through innovating new product ideas, exploring know-how and the advancement of sensor technologies.

If you have an idea you would like to see developed, feel free to contact us by email or phone. Wherever you are based, we will be happy to host you at MiCRA or visit you at your convenience.