As subject matter experts, the team at MiCRA are available to engage in technical consultancy with industry clients within the analytical, sensor development and material science areas. We offer a range of consultancy services, including specialist advice, evaluation and assessment, and analysis. If you have need for our services in this area please  contact us and we can arrange a con-call or face-to-face meeting to discuss your requirements.

Enterprise Ireland Commercial Case Feasibility

MiCRA has experience running Commercial Case Feasibility (CCF) studies under the CCF grant from Enterprise Ireland. This programme allows us to scope out the commercial side of our technology development projects, ensuring the industrial relevance of the R&D work at MiCRA.

Pharmaceutical Training

TU Dublin is the home of the National Pharmaceutical Education Centre and the PharmaBio Education and Training Services group which specialises in providing tailored training services for companies in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

Our training consultants are all highly experienced industry practitioners with a proven track record in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device sectors.

Training is offered in a wide range of areas including: