MiCRA can provide consultancy and contract analysis in its direct remit and has access to state of the art campus facilities including:


Companies can save a significant amount of time while receiving high-quality test services by availing of the wide range of techniques available at TU Dublin Tallaght. Test services and consultancy also require expertise and as such, the ability to access the wide range of world-class researchers and analysts available in MiCRA has real benefits that cannot be understated. A number of contract options are available from one-off tests to analytical method development to ongoing contract analysis.

  • Product and process development relies heavily on being able to verify improvements through quantitative analytical means. Most companies (especially smaller ones) do not have this facility in-house and can access test services through MiCRA and associated facilities.
  • The diverse expertise within MiCRA and the wider institute allows for the provision of technical consultancy over a wide range of areas.
  • Realising value from side and waste products: contract analysis of side streams allows for companies to realise an economic return from biomining while also reducing pollution.