TU Dublin Academic partnerships are helping solve industry challenges with Open Labs

24 Mar, 2022

Entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes need industry partnerships to help develop and bring their idea to a reality. Ask TU Dublin Open Labs how we can support your journey.

Dr. Paul Maguire; Head of Innovation and Enterprise, TU Dublin and Lead Partner, Dublin Region Innovation Consortium (DRIC) discusses Open Labs by TU Dublin via The Irish Irish Independent Entrepreneur Campaign launched today.


Open Labs by TU Dublin is a market focused initiative, which aims to remove barriers facing industry in engaging with universities, making world leading facilities and expertise more accessible. With 850 researchers, the university has an extensive range of research knowledge and expertise that can be harnessed as a powerful support to industry. Partnerships and innovation are central to the mission of the university. Industry, large and small, can benefit from the expertise and skills of its staff as well the University’s state-of-the-art research facilities.


Read the full article here or learn more at www.tudublin.ie/open-labs.