Fees & Scholarships

If you are thinking about undertaking a research programme, you will need to consider how you will fund each of the following: a) your living costs, b) the research costs e.g. laboratory materials, costs of field work etc and c) the programme registration fees.

Each year a limited number of scholarship opportunities are available.

The purpose of the TU Dublin Scholarship Programme is to promote the exploration and application of knowledge. The Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis and research proposals should be aligned with the TU Dublin research areas

  • Environment, Energy and Health
  • Information, Communications and Media Technologies
  • New Materials and Devices
  • Society, Culture and Enterprise

Awards will be made on the basis of excellence and subject to funding being available. TU Dublin reserves the right not to award all scholarships.

Details of the Programme

Currently the TU Dublin Research Scholarship Programme includes the following funding opportunities:

For supervisors (in collaboration with the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management) 

The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management at TU Dublin, in collaboration with the Graduate Research School, is delighted to announce two new scholarship schemes for 2023.  Applications are invited from all full-time and pro-rata staff researchers at TU Dublin, to supervise a PhD student, in the areas of hospitality, tourism, event management or related areas.

The  TU Dublin Tourism and Hospitality Management PhD Scholarship Scheme 2023 includes funding under the TU Dublin THM First Time Supervisor Award and the TU Dublin THM Researcher Award.

Applicants should complete the relevant application form listed below and submit the form as a PDF through the Opportunities for Supervisor Application Portal by 12 noon (GMT), Monday, 13th February 2023.

All applications received will be acknowledged by email within three working days. If no acknowledgement is received, the applicant is advised to contact research.scholarship@tudublin.ie

For Students:

There are no opportunities currently available to students. Please keep checking this page regularly for any updates.


Scholarship opportunities are available to research applicants

Foreign governments may also provide funding for their citizens, for example: 

For Self Funded Projects students are required to pay the relevant registration fee and also fund the project costs.

For Funded Projects all fees and costs are paid by TU Dublin and the supervisor. A scholarship is normally provided to the student. 

Annual Graduate Research Student Fees with effect from 01 March 2021

EU full-time  €4,500
EU part-time  €3,000
Non-EU full-time  €9,000
Non-EU part-time  €6,000

For further information about fees, contact the team at phd@tudublin.ie