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Space based applications using PHOtosensitive Recording Materials (Space-PHORM) FUNDED

This project is fully funded

Space-PHORM is a Science Foundation Ireland funded,applied research project consisting of two partners(Applied Optics Group at NUI Galway and Centre for Industrial and Engineering Optics at TU Dublin). Its purpose is to develop breakthrough materials and technologies that aim to revolutionize the capabilities of space-based optical systems.
An increasing number of satellites and scientific instrumentation are being launched into space. This leads to continuing demand for better components and to reduce the weight and size of payloads, while improving performance. Optics are a critical aspect of many systems launched into space. Conventional elements can be bulky,heavy and contribute to system complexity. On Earth, an increasing number of applications use volume holographic optical elements to replace refractive components to reduce form factor and weight and improve performance.Current materials for volume holographic optical elements are not robust enough for the space environment.
Space-PHORM will provide new formulations of photosensitive materials which will be stable, lightweight,thin and robust and demonstrate their performance in wavefront sensor (WFS) devices on a state-of-the-art Active Optics test bench for space telescopes. The materials developed will be environmentally friendly and have many potential applications on Earth, given their robustness and high optical performance.
PhD project are available at TU Dublin on the Space PHORM project: Postgraduate Researcher will work towards developing innovative Diffractive Optical Elements for Holographic WFS. This will include the holographic recording and fabrication of a modal AHWFS, holographic phase screens and diffusers in space ready materials for laboratory demonstrators.

Min. 2.1 Hons Level 8 degree in Optics, Physics or related discipline

Duration of Funding: 48 months

Fees covered by the funding per annum: €4,500 

Materials & Travel Budget per annum: All covered on SFI funded project

Student Stipend per annum €: €18,500 (to rise to €19,000)

Funding Agency: Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)

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