Engineering (General Entry) / Innealtóireacht (Iontráil Ghinearálta)

2019 CAO Points - 370

Semester 1 (before Christmas) 2020/2021 will be located in Bolton St/Kevin St

Semester 2 (after Christmas) 2020/2021 will be located in Bolton St / Grangegorman

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English OR Irish



Applications from QQI Level 5 and 6 are welcome. Further details at

Mature applicants (23+) are welcome. Further details at

This one-year programme provides you with a general access route to engineering programmes if you haven’t decided yet which engineering discipline you’d like to study.

If you successfully complete the programme, you’ll have laid down the mathematical and scientific foundation to enter the second year of any of seven Level 7 discipline-specific programmes. In addition, in a limited number of cases, some students with proven ability may be permitted to progress to the first year of the Level 8 Engineering (General Entry) programme TU805.

You’ll study maths, science, engineering design and drawing, and will be given a general introduction to the engineering profession.

After completing the first year, you can choose to enter Year 2 of one of the following Level 7 Bachelor of Engineering Technology (BEngTech) programmes:

  • DT002 Engineering Systems Maintenance
  • TU701 Automation Engineering
  • TU704 Civil Engineering
  • TU703 Building Engineering
  • TU717 Mechanical Engineering
  • TU714 Electronic and Communications Engineering
  • TU705 Electrical and Control Engineering
  • TU706 Electrical Services Engineering

If you pass the first year with a high average mark and a high mark in mathematics, you may enter Year 1 of TU709 Engineering (General Entry) Level 8 and may then progress to Year 2 choosing one of the following disciplines; Electrical & Electronic/Computer & Communications Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Manufacturing & Design Engineering; Structural Engineering;Building Engineering, OR Civil Engineering.

Progression Only

You will study a combination of maths, science, engineering design, drawing and you will also be given a general introduction to the engineering profession. There is a strong emphasis on group projects within the programme.

Semester 1

  • Engineering Maths
  • Engineering Technology
  • Mechanics
  • Design Projects
  • Introduction to the Engineering Profession
  • CAD

Semester 2:

  • Engineering Maths
  • Engineering Physics
  • Chemistry of Materials
  • Design Projects
  • Elective modules
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Level 7


Bachelor of Engineering


1 year

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City Centre: Bolton Street, City Centre: Kevin Street


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Assistant Head of Department - Eddie Conlon