Microsoft Forms

Quickly create surveys, questionnaires, and more.

Microsoft Forms enables you to quickly and easily create basic surveys, questionnaires, and more. View results as they are submitted via built-in analytics, and export data to Excel for additional analysis. It is available to all staff, students and researchers via the University's subscription to Office 365.

Microsoft Forms has many applications within both learning & teaching and administration. Examples include:

You can share surveys and quizzes created in MS Forms with anyone, including people outside of the University.

MS Forms also integrates with Excel and OneDrive so that you can see results appear in an Excel spreadsheet in real-time.

Why use Microsoft Forms?

MS Forms offers a simple tool for quick surveys and quizzes.

As it comes as part of your University subscription to Office 365, Microsoft Forms it is a better choice for your University surveys than tools such as Google Forms or Survey Monkey because:

Your data protection responsibilities when using Microsoft Forms:

If you are collecting personal data or sensitive data (see the GDPR Common Terms and Definitions) you must ensure that the processing is compliant with Data Protection legislation. Failure to do so could lead to significant fines or institutional risk. 

In summary you must ensure that:


More about your responsibilities when collecting personal data can be found here: Data Protection Information

Sample Forms 

Sample Form have been created to show how you must inform the user and gain consent if needed. You may use the forms and duplicate them to use for your own needs. 


How to use Microsoft Forms 

See Microsoft's Create a form with Microsoft forms for information on how to get started. This page includes instructions on the first 2 methods for starting a form mentioned above.

Microsoft forms

The short Microsoft Forms First Look course on LinkedIn Learning also takes you through the basic steps to create your first survey or quiz using the Forms app within your Office 365 online account (Forms on the web).

Guides by Microsoft


Training available via the IT Training Service and LinkedIn Learning 


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