Teams for students

Students can initiate a chat session with other students or staff, but cannot start a voice or video call with other users. If they wish to do this, they need to schedule a Teams meeting and invite users in. This was put in place to prevent students from directly calling lecturers. If a student wants to arrange a voice/video call with a lecturer, they need to schedule a meeting with the lecturer, the lecturer then accepts and joins the meeting. Once in the meeting, they have option of video, screen sharing. Teams is an online platform that allows students to text chat, conduct virtual meetings and share files from anywhere. Students can log onto Teams and access these functionalities as independent users – students are not required to be Team Owners/Members to use Teams.

Further guides from micosoft can be found below:

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Teams for staff

Staff who do wish to become Teams Owners (i.e. create a dedicated Team, add/remove members, collaborate), are required to complete the Teams Request Form, where they are asked to nominate two Team Owners and apply an approved Team name. In the case of duplication for requested Teams, ICT Services will alert the requestors of such.

Over time, Teams will replace Skype For Business and GSuite, as the default unified communications and collaborative platform across TU Dublin. Hence, attention is drawn to the required governance structure put in place to support Teams powerful capabilities in the TU Dublin Terms of Use for Microsoft Teams.

For Staff there is a large section found on the staff intranet with guides and support: Staff guides and support here.


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