Success for School of Management, People and Organisations in €1.5m Horizon Europe Consortium Bid

Published: 13 Nov, 2023

The School of Management, People, and Organisations (MPO) is delighted to announce that it is part of a consortium of global universities that was recently successful in securing €1.5 million in research funding from the prestigious Horizon Europe initiative, the EU's flagship program for Research and Innovation.  

The project, titled ‘Global Entrepreneurial Talent Management 4' (GETM4), will run for a period of 4 years and is being led by the TU Dublin School of Computer Science (City). GETM4 will focus on the impact of digitalization on society, striving to enhance health, well-being, and sustainable development by nurturing entrepreneurial talent management and responsible digital innovation, in line with the EU Recovery Plan and digitalization goals to build NextGenerationEU. 

The key focal point of GETM4 is the 368 funded research secondments that link the project with 11 esteemed international universities (see list below) across nine countries. The School of MPO has been allocated 15-20 of these funded research secondments. This dynamic collaboration is the driving force behind GETM4's commitment to delivering eight crucial work packages, each designed to contribute to the project's overarching objectives. 

Dr. Roisin Donnelly, Head of the School of MPO, noted that “this project holds enormous potential for the personal and professional growth of our staff, fostering international connections, and making a meaningful impact in the fields of entrepreneurial talent management and responsible digital innovation. Respect and innovation are core concepts in the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and this timely project enables the School of MPO to aspire to achieve this as well as some of the core strategic priorities outlined in the School of MPO 2025 Strategic Plan: notably, to build the reputation and identity of MPO, cultivate a community and collaboration mindset in MPO and grow our research & partnership capacity. Involvement in this project will enable us to achieve these priorities and as it revolves around researcher mobility, and the development of knowledge and skills to address the challenges posed by digitalization and disruptions effectively, we will be well along the pathway for success in our new School”.  

Bill O’Mahony, Operations Lead for the School of MPO, and co-author of the successful application commented “This truly is a momentous and ground-breaking achievement for the School of MPO in being a member of this well-funded international research project and thriving consortium of global universities. GETM4 will deliver several invaluable benefits to the School of MPO over the lifetime of the project from the opportunities for enhancement of research excellence amongst School of MPO staff, and the promotion of multidisciplinary collaboration, to the elevation of the School of MPO's reputation on the international stage. The research secondments secured through GETM4 will offer School of MPO staff, as well as staff from other Schools within the Faculty of Business, with unique prospects to gain international experience and exposure, develop new skills and knowledge, and broaden staff horizons globally”.  

We encourage all interested parties, including academic and admin staff across the School of MPO and wider Faculty, as well as PhD researchers, to stay tuned for updates and to explore the diverse possibilities that GETM4 offers for research secondments, collaboration, and the exchange of knowledge on a global scale.  

List of University Partners