TU Dublin's School of Management, People and Organisations Future of Work Masterclass Series Kicks Off with Keynote Speaker Leatham Green

Published: 9 Oct, 2023
In a promising start to TU Dublin's School of Management, People and Organisations (MPO) highly anticipated Future of Work Masterclass series, students and faculty staff from the HRM degree programs were treated to an insightful keynote address by Mr. Leatham Green, Transformation Director at Oracle. The event, which took place on Monday 2nd October 2023, set the stage for an engaging exploration of the evolving world of work and its impact on human resource management.
The inaugural session of the series featured Leatham Green, a distinguished figure in the realm of the future of work. His address, titled "Future of Working," captivated the audience as he delved into key trends, challenges, and opportunities in the ever-changing landscape of work. Drawing from his extensive experience, he provided valuable insights into the strategies and innovations shaping the workforce of tomorrow.
Following the keynote presentation, students had the opportunity to engage in a lively Q&A session with Mr. Green. This interactive dialogue allowed for a deeper exploration of the topics presented and provided students with a unique chance to seek guidance from an industry leader.
The Future of Work Masterclass series has garnered high expectations from both students and faculty within the School of MPO at TU Dublin. With an impressive lineup of speakers on the horizon, including Mr. Olivier Dubuisson, Chairman & Co-Founder of Rythmik, and Mr. James O'Neill, Softworks Global Enterprise New & Existing Business, the series promises to provide a comprehensive perspective on the evolving nature of work and its intersection with Human Resource Management.
Ann Masterson, Head of the Human Resource Management discipline, expressed her enthusiasm for the successful start of the series. She said, "Mr. Green's keynote set a strong foundation for what promises to be a transformative learning experience for our students. We're grateful to have such esteemed speakers joining us to share their expertise."
The Future of Work Masterclass series will continue throughout the month of October, with each session featuring a prominent industry leader discussing various aspects of the future of work. School of MPO Students and faculty can look forward to gaining valuable insights from these distinguished professionals.
Stay tuned for more updates as TU Dublin's School of MPO Future of Work Masterclass series unfolds, offering a glimpse into the exciting and dynamic world of work in the 21st century.