The school has previously pursued the development of international educational joint partnership programmes. Details of which can be seen here.


In 2012 the school and Tangshan Polytechnic University formed the Joint Programme ‘TPC-DIT Joint Mechatronics Programme’. The programme involves the Adoption of the now TU Dublin, Programme B.Eng.Tec Ord. in Automation Engineering with additional elements appropriate to the needs of TPC

Some particularly relevant details pertaining to the programme and its operation;

  • Diploma Award of TPC & B.Eng.Tech. [Automation Engineering] of DIT [now TU Dublin]
  • 60 New Student Entrants per Year proposed
  • Students registered in both TPC & DIT [now TU Dublin]
  • Programme delivered at TPC through English
  • 1/3 Modules delivered by DIT [now TU Dublin] at TPC
  • DIT Quality Assurance Procedures Apply
  • External Examiner to visit TPC with Programme Manager annually in July

The StiMasters program was a Dual M.Sc. in "Sustainability, Technology & Innovation” which received funding of €408K by the European Commission and $408k by the US Department of Education under the EU-Commission’s Atlantis “Transatlantic Degrees” Action 2009.

This innovative 4-semester program focused on Sustainability, Technology, Innovation Masters of Science (STIMS) degrees and led to the award of two Master’s degrees [1 USA and 1 European].

The three partner universities were the TU Dublin, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-Spain, and Purdue University-USA.

24 students went to the USA from European partner universities and Purdue University sent 19 [21% female, 79% male] overseas to the European partner institutions over the four-year life of the project [2010-14]. Over twenty faculty exchanges for various periods of time for purposes of familiarisation, language, instruction, collaboration, and testing of students.

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The DETECT EU-Atlantis International Exchange Project was an exchange program that ran for four years. The program delivered funding of €180K for two European partners and $180K for US partners enabling full-semester transatlantic undergraduate exchange for 55 students over its lifetime [Spring 2008-Spring 2012]. The program also facilitated a number of academic faculty exchanges.

The four partner universities participating in the programme were TU Dublin, TU Darmstadt Germany, Penn State University, and Purdue University-USA.

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