The School of Mechanical and Design Engineering is part of the College of Engineering and the Built Environment and has in the order of 20 research-active staff and 25 postgraduate researchers in areas, such as: 

The School currently has 25 post-graduate research students and has built good collaborations with national and international partners.  



Student (Award): Title (Year) 

Ciara Ahern (PhD Thesis): Introducing the Default Effect: Reducing the Gap Between Theoretical Prediction and Actual Energy Consumed by Dwellings Through Characterising Data More Representative of National Dwellings Stocks (2019) 

Mingzhu Chen (PhD Thesis): Numerical Modelling of Red Blood Cell Structural Mechanics (2018) 

Arthur Rudek (PhD Thesis): Development and Validation of a Numerical Model of the CO2 Dry-ice Blasting Process for Aircraft Engine Cleaning Applications (2018) 

Simon Montgomery (PhD Thesis): Optimisation of Plasma Sprayed Molybdenum Based Wear resistant Coatings Through Computational Techniques (2017) 

Raymond Lloyd (PhD Thesis): A Physics-based Air flow Model and a Knowledge-based Data Driven Predictive Model for Server Inlet Temperature Prediction (2017) 

Mark Johnson (PhD Thesis): The Development of a Biaxial Loading Dynamic Test System for Elastomers using Bubble Inflation (2017) 

David Gorman(PhD Thesis): The Evaluation and Implementation of Magnetic Fields suitable for Biaxial Cyclic Testing of Magnetorheological Elastomers (2017) 

Eoin Murphy (PhD thesis): Oxygen Transport in Carotid and Stented Coronary Arteries (2017) 

Liang Jiang (PhD Thesis): Design and Development of Dielectric Elastomers and Elimination of their Electromechanical Instability under Equi-Biaxial Loading (2016) 

Yanfen Zhou (PhD Thesis): Fatigue properties of magnetorheological elastomers and the design of interfacial layers to improve fatigue life (2016) 

Liam Mc Garry (MPhil Thesis): High-Fidelity PIV Measurements of the Three-Dimensional Flow Field Downstream of a Pair of Delta-Winglet Vortex Generators (2016) 

O’Rourke, Pearl (PhD Thesis): A Participatory Design Framework for Customisable Assistive Technology (2015) 

Dolan, Eoin (PhD Thesis): Measurements of Total Suspended Solids and Particle Size Distribution in Aquaculture Waste Streams Utilising Low Cost Filtration Based Technology (2015) 

Doherty,Wayne (PhD Thesis): Modelling of Biomass Gasification Integrated with a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System, (2014). 

Li, Zhe (PhD Thesis): Optimised Integration of Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Technologies for Domestic Application in Ireland, (2014) 

O’Rourke, Fergal (PhD Thesis): Predicting the Unsteady Hydrodynamic Performance of a Tidal Current Turbine (2014) 

Murphy, Niall (PhD Thesis): Providing Stress Controlled Equi-Biaxial Fatigue Test Data for Elastomers using the Bubble Inflation Method, (2014) 

Curran, Stephen (MPhil Thesis): Design and Development of a Low Cost Platform to Facilitate Post-Stroke Rehabilitation of the Elbow/Shoulder Region, (2013) 

Callaghan, Dean (PhD) Sensing Surgical Scissor Blades using Fibre Bragg Grating Sensors (2013) 

Martin, David M. (PhD) Sequential structural and fluid dynamics analysis of balloon-expandable coronary stents (2013) 

Delaney, Kevin (PhD Thesis): Modelling and optimising the demoulding of micro replicated parts, (2013) 

Culliton, David (PhD Thesis): Advanced Wear and Corrosion Resistant Surface Coating Treatments for Cast Aluminium Alloys (2012) 

Briody, Conor (PhD Thesis). "The characterisation and numerical modelling of viscoelastic polyurethane foams for use in custom wheelchair seating", (2012) 

Cullen, Barry (PhD Thesis): The Combined Otto and Stirling Cycle Prime-Mover-Based Power Plan, (2011) 

McNamara, John (PhD Thesis): Novel Approaches to the Analysis of Localised Stress Concentrations in Deformed Elastomers, (2011). 

Murphy, Jonathan (PhD Thesis).: Numerical Prediction of the Haemodynamic Impact of Coronary Stent Implantation, (2011) 

O'Toole, Kevin (PhD Thesis).: A Methodology Towards Comprehensive Evaluation of Shape Memory Alloy Actuators for Prosthetic Finger Design, (2011) 

Wylie, Mark (PhD Thesis). Arterial tissue perforation using ultrasonically vibrating wire waveguides, (2011) 

Collins, Carolyn (PhD Thesis): The tromped, a means of prophylaxis for flight related deep vein thrombosis, (2009) 

Ronan, Stephen (PhD Thesis), "A Novel Approach to Predicting the Lifetime of Elastomers Undergoing Stress Relaxation" (2009). 


Title of Project  Lead Supervisor  - Title  Lead Supervisor - First Name  Lead Supervisor  - Surname  Research Student 
Making building stock energy analysis robust  Dr Ciara Ahern PhD
Development of a red-blood-cell-incorporating computational fluid dynamics solver ...    Fergal Boyle PhD
High Fidelity Modelling of Physiologically - Realistic Blood Flow Modelling for...    Fergal Boyle PhD
Development of a Multi-GPU-Enabled CFD Software Tool for Physiologically     Fergal Boyle PhD
Blood: A Software Tool for Physiologically-Realistic Blood Flow Modelling for ...    Fergal Boyle PhD
Development of Tissue Engineered Heart Values  Dr Claire  Brougham  PhD 
Development of a tissue engineered heart valve for paediatric applications  Dr Claire  Brougham  PhD 
Modelling dimensional and functional deviation of micro parts during replication tool design  Dr Kevin  Delaney  PhD 
Large-scale simulation of dry-ice particle breakup and erosion during aeroengine...  Dr Barry  Duignan  MPhil 
Gesture Analysis for Hand Hygiene Stages  Dr Graham  Gavin  PhD 
Parametric and Generative Design Methodologies for Digital Manufacturing  Dr Graham  Gavin PhD 
Microfluidic system to specifically capture and quantify, sepsis related, bacterial cells...  Dr Niamh  Gilmartin  PhD 
The effect of ceramic powder morphology on the production of fine ceramic scaffolds via ...  Dr Maura  Kelleher  PhD 
To investigate if and why mechanical methods combined with dispersants can have positive...  Dr Maura  Kelleher  PhD 
the effect of presintering operations on the nanostructure, microstructure and mechanical.  Dr Maura  Kelleher  MPhil
Solar Photovoltaic Energy: A Control System Investigation into Shading Compensation    Mick  Mc Keever  PhD
How 3D printing with digital technology can shape the future home environment  Dr  Colm  O'Kane  PhD
Analysis, Characterisation and Performance Evaluation of a Novel Mechanically-Compressed Nitinol SMA Heat Pump Concept  Dr  Kevin  O'Toole  MPhil 
Bandwidth Development for Gasoline Engine Emission Control by Using Offline Simulation Methods  Dr Marek  Rebow  PhD 
Optimization of biodigesters heating systems through CFD simulations aiming to...  Dr  Anthony  Reynolds  PhD 
Quantify Unaccounted for Gas Losses and Methane Emissions from T&D Gas Network  Dr  Anthony  Reynolds  PhD 
Modelling and Optimisation of Biogas Gasification Trigeneration System  Dr  Anthony  Reynolds  PhD 
An investigation of the effect of fatigue loading of bone cells and their processes,...  Dr  Patrick  Wulliamoz  PhD 
Ray tracing and design of Parabolic Solar Collector   Prof  David  Kennedy  PhD 
Marine Current Turbine Design in Collaboration with DKIT. Project 1  Prof  David  Kennedy  PhD 
Modelling and Design of Marine Current Turbines in Collaboration with DKIT. Project 2  Prof  David  Kennedy  PhD