Practical education has been a hallmark of the way that engineering is taught within the University since its founding. TU Dublin is proud to educate approximately one-third of all the apprentice students in the country.The School of Mechanical Engineering is proud to offer a wide selection of apprenticeship study options from our Bolton Street and Blanchardstown campus locations.

Whilst TU Dublin are significantly involved in the educational aspect of apprenticeship, we do not administer the scheme and therefore potential students cannot apply directly to TU Dublin for an apprenticeship.

If you are interested in taking up an apprenticeship you will need to find a suitable employer to take you on.

Each Apprenticeship programme listed below includes a link to the individual 'Study At TU Dublin' page, where more information can be found.


Industrial Insulation

Choose to work as an industrial insulator in the mechanical services sector in areas like air-conditioning, plumbing and refrigeration, power plants, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing, brewing, distilling, cold storage, dairy, ship repair industries and fire protection.

Apprenticeship: Industrial Insulation (Phase 4) [Bolton Street]


Mechanical Automation and Maintenance Fitting

Choose to work as a mechanical automation and maintenance fitter in industries such as engineering, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, quarries, mines, food processing, local authorities, petrochemicals and the armed forces.

Apprenticeship: Mechanical Automation and Maintenance Fitting (Phase 4 and Phase 6) [Bolton Street]


Metal Fabrication

Choose to work as a metal fabricator in industries such as constructional steel; pressure vessels; tank and boiler manufacture; shipbuilding and ship repair; and general engineering.

Apprenticeship: Metal Fabrication (Phase 4 and Phase 6) [Bolton Street]


Sheet Metalworking

Choose to work as a sheet metal worker employed by firms manufacturing ventilation equipment; catering and food processing equipment; computer and data communications hardware; and vehicles.

Apprenticeship: Sheet Metalwork (Phase 4 and Phase 6) [Bolton Street]



Choose to work as a self-employed plumber in private dwellings, or as a contractor in industrial and commercial buildings.

Apprenticeship: Plumbing (Phase 4 and Phase 6) [Blanchardstown]