Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Modules

The Discipline of Building Engineering offers the following CPD modules:

TU5005 Building Heat Transfer and Simulation
TU5006 Electrical Power & Distribution Systems
TU5007 Air Conditioning and Ventilation
TU5008 Engineering Maths
TU5009 Water Services Engineering
TU5010 Heating System Engineering
TU5011 Applied Fluid Mechanics
TU5012 Heat & Water Services Design Project
TU5013 Lighting and Acoustics
TU5014 Emerging and Renewable Engineering Tech
TU5015 Air-Conditioning Ventilation and Design Project


All modules are NFQ Level 8, delivered in part-time mode on-site in the Bolton Street campus.

More detailed information on each module can be found at the TU Dublin Professional Development site.

Potential students can also contact Ciara Ahern for further information.


We also deliver Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Part-Time and Apprenticeship programmes.