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Job Hunting

Embarking on the journey to secure your first graduate job can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. In the vibrant job market of Ireland, where there are a variety of different opportunities available, it is essential to have a well-planned job hunt strategy and use as many ways as possible to secure your preferred role.

So, where are some of the places where graduate roles and programmes are advertised?

  • Careers Connect is our Career Development Jobs Board used by employers to advertise their vacancies to TU Dublin students and graduates. Register today and set up job alerts.
  • Gradireland - official graduate higher education careers website in Ireland advertising current and annual vacancies with major graduate recruiters. Set up job alerts today.
  • Graduate Programmes List – list of employers’ graduate programmes with closing dates · Gradireland Official Careers Directory - free publication aimed at final years advertising graduate jobs in Ireland. The directory is available to you every Autumn.
  • TU Dublin Emails - Keep checking your TU Dublin emails for job and other career notifications from the TU Dublin Career Development Centre.
  • Summer Vacancies List – list of employers recruiting for Summer positions

Hidden Jobs Market

The job market for graduates extends far beyond what meets the eye. Unlocking the hidden graduate job market can offer exceptional opportunities to launch a successful career.

Start by leveraging your network; connections with lecturers, alumni, and industry professionals can provide invaluable insights. Additionally, attending career fairs, and industry events, and joining relevant professional organisations can expose you to hidden job opportunities. Proactively researching and targeting companies of interest, utilising online job platforms, and showcasing your skills through internships can also boost your chances.

See our resources for lots of other tips on how to access the advertised and hidden graduate jobs market.