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For TU Dublin students, living with a host family, commonly referred to as 'digs', is often the most budget-friendly and adaptable living arrangement. Host families offer accommodation for five to seven days a week, and some are now considering shorter stays to accommodate various needs. Generally, you'll pay for the weeks during the academic year, with rents averaging between €100 to €200 per week, including utility bills. Many hosts also offer the option of added comforts like a light breakfast and evening meal.  

To explore available options, take a look at StudentPad. If you are a current student, register with your TU Dublin student email. Incoming students can use '1234' as a student number but must email for access confirmation. 

Before committing, ensure you have a contract in place with the host family, and never pay a deposit before viewing the property in person. 

Things to Consider:  


  • Home Comforts: Living with a family offers a homely atmosphere, which can be comforting for those new to living independently. 
  • Supportive Environment: Host families can provide support and guidance as you navigate your new life at university. 
  • Less Responsibility: With fewer household duties compared to renting, you can focus more on your studies and less on managing a household. 
  • Safety: Living with a family can provide a sense of security, especially in a new city. 


  • Less Independence: Living under someone else’s roof means following their rules and schedules. 
  • Privacy: You may have less personal space and privacy than in other accommodation types. 
  • Limited Choice: You cannot choose your housemates as you would in shared student accommodation. 

For those interested in this type of accommodation, you can view a full list of available accommodations on the TU Dublin StudentPad